Fritz Pölking

Just out of curiosity ......
Everything in order?

How great is the noticeable optical difference during practical use between the 
zoom, DO and L lenses?

Can you use a converter with a 4.5-5.6/100-400mm zoom?

All pictures were taken from the same position with a 
matrix measure, timer automatic and mirror lock up at open aperture.


4.5-5.6/100-400 mm

DO 4.0/400 mm

L 4.0/500 mm

100-400 mit 1.4x

4.0/400 mit 1.4x

4.0/500 mit 1.4x

100-400 mit 2x

4.0/400 mit 2x

4.0/500 mit 2x

Why does the thermometer seem more blue the closer up you take the picture?

Because the advertisements of photo companies that say that a multiple field measure recognizes everything and will manipulate the exposure at an optimum by itself is just that..... advertisement. The closer you have the thermometer in your range the greater the whiteness of the picture and that will automatically cut the exposure because the auto exposure is fooled into thinking that it is getting lighter and that it has to compensate. That only the motif gets lighter while actually the measure of real light remains the same is something it does not perceive...... so that is the reason why the slide will be underexposed and has this blue tint.
That is why even nowadays serious and professional photography should continue to use the "gray card" and/or the manual light meter with a manual exposure setting as the surest way to guarantee slides that are correctly exposed.

The scans above correspond in sharpness with the original slides.
With a 4x lupe on a light box you have the same impression as here.
Everything is sharp and in 'in order'.

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