A small photographic portfolio excerpt
from the Project Masai Mara


Half Tail, completely relaxed at exactly that moment in time.

Nikon F4, 4.0/100 – 300 mm, fill-in flash, Fujichrome – 100, car-camera-mount.


Sunrise at the Musiara swamp

Nikon F4, 2,8/24 mm, Sensia – 100, tripod


The Mara – River

Aerial – take out of the Ultra-light-plane.
Nikon F4, 2,5/55 mm, Fujichrome – 100


Half Tail, above the cave where she has her two cubs.

Nikon, F4, 4.0/100 – 300 mm, Fujichrome – 100, car-camera-mount.


Young Lion

Nikon F4, 4.0/600 mm, Sensia – 100, car-camera-mount.


Nikon F4, 4.0/600 mm with a 1,4 x converter = 5,6/840 mm,
Fujichrome – 100, car-camera-mount.

Half Tail is watching the Maasai shepherds and their animals
from the edge of the fig tree ridge.

Nikon F4, 4.0/100 – 300 mm, Fujichrome – 100, car-camera-mount.


A jackal at the entrance of his burrow

Nikon F3, 5,6/600 mm, Kodachrome – 64, car-camera-mount.


The Leopard Mang´aa at the age of one year.
He climbed up onto this tree at 7am and
had not come down once by 7pm.

Nikon F – 90x, 2,8/80 – 200 mm, Sensia – 100, car-camera-mount.


A little Leopard at the age of three months. 
During that time Leopards have blue eyes, 
which later turn amber in color. 
It is a rarity to photograph such a very young and relaxed Leopard, 
since the mothers usually keep them hidden.

Nikon F4, 4.0/600 mm, Fujichrome – 100, car-camera-mount.


The female Cheetah has caught a Thomson – Gazelle.

Nikon F4, 4.0/600 mm, Ektachrome – Panther – 100, car-camera-mount.

* * *